Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, Georgia


Submitted by Nelle Price Epps
Special Thanks to Dot Harris Costa Dickens

Lucy Cobb Institute, Athens, Georgia, one of the oldest and best known schools was founded in 1858. A school where Southern History and Literature is taught.
Special Course          
Many parents are seeking a school where their daughters may specialize.
          While Lucy Cobb Institute prepares pupils to enter colleges with full credits, there can be arranged a SPECIAL COURSE which may include any studies in the English course, and any extras that the pupil may desire in which to specialize, such as Piano, Organ, Art, Violin, Expression, Business Course, Domestic Science, Journalism, Parliamentary Law, Etc.
          The board will be $35.00 a month, the tuition in English course, including three studies, $10.00 a month, incidentals $10.00 a month, and then any extras added by Catalogue Prices. Send for Catalogue.
          M. Rutherford, Director

GEORGIA, The Thirteenth Colony
Price $1.00 and postage 15 cents
Mildred Lewis Rutherford, Athens, Historian of Georgia, U.D.C.


          The Lightning Bug, a monthly magazine issued for six months in the interest of the Lucy Cobb Endowment Fund, is from the press.
Subscriptions $1.00
          Subscribe and Help to Save Lucy Cobb
          866 pp. $2.00 (Postage 15 cents)
          American Authors 854 pp.$2.00 (Postage 15 cents)
          Georgia: The Thirteenth Colony 300 pp. (Postage 10 cents)
          Four Addresses bound with pictures in costume of “The South of
          Yesterday” 119 pp. 60 cents
          The Wrongs of History Righted 15 cents
          Truths of History 114 pp. 15 cents
          The True Story of Jamestown Colony 15 cents
          Henry Wirz: The True Story of the Andersonville Prison 15 cents
          10 Vols. Of Scrap Book, 1923 (Vol. I) 25 cents a volume $2.50,
          Bound $1.00
          10 Vols. Of Scrap Book, 1924 (Vol II) 25 cents a volume $2.5 0,
          Bound $1.00
          10 Vols Of Scrap Book, 1925 (Vol III) 25 cents a volume $2.50,
           Bound, $1.00
          The History of King Cotton 10 cents
          The South Must Have Her Rightful Place in History 15 cents

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View the Lucy Cobb Institute messenger. (Athens, Ga.) 1876-18??, monthly paper on the Georgia Historic Newspapers website.

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