Tax Records

1802 Clarke County, GA Tax Digest courtesy of FamilySearch
1802 Clarke County, GA Tax Digest, Capt Strong’s District (image 18), courtesy of FamilySearch

Location Guide for Clarke County, Georgia Tax Digests

Index to the 1850 Tax Digest Clarke County, Georgia
Includes the name of the tax payer, tax digest page number, and district where the tax payer lived.

Abstractions of the complete tax digests for 1811-1820, 1821-1830, and 1847-1850 are available for purchase.

Property Exemptions Found in Clarke County Returns and Mixed Records Books AA and BB
Petitioners gave a list of their property to the Ordinary of the county requesting exemption from levy and sale “under and by virtue of Section 2040 of the Code of Georgia and other laws of Said State.”

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