Property Exemption for Timothy Hill

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Returns and Mixed Records- Book AA p.171

Clarke County

To the Ordinary of Said County
The petition of Timothy Hill, colrd of

Said County the head of a family consisting of himself his
wife Fannie Hill about 23 years old and their minor child
Antonett Hill about 8 months old. Respectfully showeth
that for the benefit of said family he hereunto hands
Your Honor a Schedule of all his property and all which
he claims to be exempt from levy and Sale under and
by virtue of Section 2040 of the Code of Georgia and
other laws of Said State and which he prays may be
Recorded in your Office in terms of the law, and
Your petitioner will ever pray & etc. This 23rd March 1880

Timothy Hill


2 Common Bed Steads, 4 Cotton Mattresses, Lot Bed quilts, Pillow
and other Bed Clothing, Lot Ordinary Cooking utensils,
Table Crockery & etc., Wearing apparel for Self and family,
Provisions allowed by law, 1 Bureau & Glass, 5 Cane bottom
& 2 Rocking chairs, 1 Pine Dining Table, 1 Lot House-
hold and Kitchen furniture not named and not exceeding
in value $100 consisting in part of Traveling Trunk, Wash
Stand, Bowl and pitcher, l Pine Center Table, 1 Stand & Glass
Water vessels, tubs, Pails, Buckets & etc., Smoothing Irons & Sad
Irons, Kerosene Lamps, Market Basket, axe, Saw and
lot of Religious and School Books and Musket Gun
and other things.

Recorded 23rd March 1880

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