Troup Artillery

compiled by
William S. Smedlund
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The National Artillery was organized in Athens, Georgia in 1858. The name was changed January 2, 1861 to the Troup Artillery in honor of former Georgia Governor, George Michael Troup.

William S. Smedlund continues to research the history of this company and would like anyone who is a descendant of these men or anyone having letters, diaries, reminiscences, or photographs of any member of the Troup Artillery to contact him. Additions and corrections are also welcome. He has already located many individual photographs of members, other related photographs, and sketches, maps, etc. that were drawn by members of this company. A web site dedicated to the Troup Artillery is currently available at Use this link and the links below to access information he has uncovered about this company and each of the men.

A book titled Sons of Tom Cobb, Troup Artillery, Athens, Georgia was written by William S. Smedlund and published with a grant from the R.J. Taylor Jr. Foundation. The book is available from Smedlund for $48 plus $5 postage. Follow the link to read about the book in an article written by Kenneth H. Thomas Jr. for the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Roster of the Troup Artillery

Compiled by William S. Smedlund

Officers of the company when they left Athens April 24, 1861

Captain – Marcellus Stanley
1st Lieutenant – Henry Hull Carlton
2nd Lieutenant – Alexander Franklin Pope
3rd Lieutenant – Edward Payson Lumpkin
Ensign – Middleton Pope Barrow
1st Sergeant – George Jordan Newton
2nd Sergeant – Columbus Washington Motes
3rd Sergeant – George A. Homer
4th Sergeant – Ruel K. Pridgeon
5th Sergeant – Baptist Hill Swan
1st Corporal – Lee McCleskey Lyle
2nd Corporal – LaFayette Calhoun Cooper
3rd Corporal – Thomas Franklin Baker
4th Corporal – William Henry Paine Jones

Aaron, Thomas Samuel
Adams, John H. “Hop”
Adams, Middleton Crum
Ashford, William “Willie” Thomas
Atkisson, George Baber
Ayers, James Clark
Baker, Thomas Franklin
Barrett, James E. Sanford
Barrett, William S. B.
Barrow, Middleton Pope
Barrow, Thomas Augustine
Barry, John P.
Barry, Joseph Martin
Bearden, Aaron E.
Bearden, Richard “Dick” Glenn
Belcher, John Hampden
Bennett, George Pierce
Berryman, -. -. (may be Robert J. Perryman)
Beshill, Henry F.
Biggers, William E.
Billups, Charles William
Blackman, David D.
Blackman, Joseph A.
Boggs, Milton A.
Bone, Jasper Newton
Bone, Joseph M.
Boon, Ratcliff H.
Booth, Robert
Booth, Thomas, Jr.
Booth, Walton “Wally” Harris
Bostick, John M.
Bouchelle, Henry Thomas
Bradberry, James Walden
Bradberry, Joseph Eli
Brewer, Freeman
Brittain, Robert T.
Brittain, William F.
Brown, James M.
Brown, William B.
Busbin, Isham
Busbin, William Oliver
Butler, Elijah M.
Cain, Bartholomew R.
Carlton, Benjamin Richard
Carlton, George Augustus
Carlton, Henry Hull
Carr, Elijah Walker
Carter, [William or James]
Cheatham, Marcus H.
Childers, Robert
Cobb, Howell, Jr.
Conger, Hedges Abijah
Connelly, Champion
Cooper, LaFayette Calhoun “Coon”
Cooper, W. A.
Cooper, William
Cory, Othniel E.
Crane, Benjamin Elliot
Crane, John Ross
Crane, William F.
Crow, William
Culp, Benjamin F.
Dearing, Stephen T.
Dearing, William P.
Deavours, John C.
Dicken, Henry C.
Dicken, Mathew G.
Dicken, Robert D.
Dickens, William Hope
Dillard, Hinton Crawford “Crawf”
Dillard, James Fielding
Dillard, James
Dillard, Joseph Lemuel “Buddie”
Dillard, Peter Fielding
Dillard, Robert Simeon
Dillard, Thomas Ellington
Dorsey, Albert Steele
Dorsey, Andrew Benson Clarke
Doster, Francis “Frank” Marion
Doster, William Thomas
Durham, Rubin “Rube” Thomas
Echols, James M.
Edwards, Ellijay “Elijah” Flournoy
Edwards, John W.
Eidson, James M.
Ellington, Charles Simeon
England, Elijah “Elizur” Theodore
England, Elisha Stanhope “Dick”
England, Willis Alphonso
Ferguson, Lorenzo Dow
Flournoy, Robert

Fox, O’Hara Dominick Trent
Franklin, Sidney J.
Frierson, James Littleberry
Gann, Jesse
Gee, William H.
Gerdine, Joseph Henry
Griffeth, John James
Guest, William P.
Hale, Edward Thomas
Hale, James Robert
Hale, James W.
Hale, John T.
Hale, Robert O.
Harris, James Watkins
Harris, Warren G.
Haskey, C. P. (could be Calvin P. Kirkley)
Hearn, E. Abner
Hemphill, Robert “Bowen” Alexander
Hemphill, William Arnold
Hill, Alexander Alonzo Franklin
Hill, Jesse T.
Homer, George A.
Hopkins, John W.
Hoyt, Robert T.
Hudson, Thomas Floyd
Huggins, Alsa Moore
Hughes, E. M., (could be Thomas M. Hughes
Hughes, John H.
Hughes, Thomas M.
Hunter, John J.
Jennings, Giles H.
Jennings, Giles Robert
Jennings, Henry S., Jr.
Jennings, James Jackson
Jennings, James Jefferson
Jennings, Sanford D.
Jennings, William Jones
Johnson, James J.
Johnson, James “Forney” or “Foney” M. A.
Jonas, Thomas A.
Jones, William Henry Paine
Kenney, John J(ames) N(athaniel)
Kinnebrew, Eugene Corrydon
Kirkley, Calvin P. (see C.P. Haskey)
Kittle, William F.
Lamar, Andrew Jackson, Jr.
Lane, W. F.
Langford, George Milton
LaPrade, Vincent Henry
Ledbetter, Joseph William
Lee, Absalom E. “Tip”
Lilly, John
Lombard, Charles B.
Lumpkin, Charles McIlvainy
Lumpkin, Edward Peyton
Lumpkin, Frank Grieve
Lyle, Charles C.
Lyle, Lee McCleskey
Mabry, Thomas W.
McCarty, George
McClain, Miles
McConnell, John Jefferson “Jeff”
McDonald, David A.
Maddox, J. D.
Maddox, Joseph Green
Malcom, George Washington
Malcom, James R.
Martin, Howard L.
Mathews, [Mathis] Daniel J.
Mauldin, James M.
Mauldin, William H.
Maxey, Edward M.
Maxey, Henry
Mealor, William Paschal
Mitchell, William A.
Montgomery, Johnathan
Montgomery, Thomas
Moon, Isaac S.
Moon, John F.
Moon, Joseph A.
Moon, Robert A.
Moore, George M.
Moore, George W.
Moore, Richard
Moore, Robert
Morton, Clinton Parks
Motes, Columbus Washington
Mullins, Howard Lucas
Murphy, John J.

Murray, Franklin “Frank” E.
Murray, John F.
Murray, Joseph Hunter
Murray, Thomas Andrew
Nance, Almond Lewis
Neese, Peter N.
Newton, George Jordan
O’Farrell, John
Oliver, Charles James
Palmer, Jesse A. (H.)
Parks, John A.
Patman, Augustus “Gus” C.
Patrick, John H.
Pendergrass, Appling Hilliard
Perryman, Robert J.
Pittman, James Edward LaFayette
Pittman, Robert Willis Taylor
Pittman, William Jackson
Pittman, William Preston
Pledger, Anderson James
Pope, Alexander Franklin
Porter, Edward “Edwin” W.
Porter, Elisha Judson
Pridgeon, Ruel K.
Pridgeon, Ward Taylor
Reese, Anderson Watkins
Richards, Thomas Shelton
Richardson, Edgar “Bonner”
Richardson, Robert Billups
Rickels, John
Robertson, Elisha A.
Robertson, Virgil L.
Sansom, James T.
Sansom, John
Saye, Richard Wilson
Schevenell, Joseph Henry
Shaw, Henry C.
Shaw, Thomas H.
Shirley, Benjamin H.
Shirley (Shurley), Clark Alexander
Shirley (Shurley), Henry Lord
Shockley, James G. (J.)
Sikes (Sykes), James M.
Sikes (Sykes), Richard Joseph
Sims, George Washington
Smith, George
Sorrel, Alexander Claxton
Stafford, Malcom
Stanley, Marcellus
Stapler, William Hale
Stephenson, (Stevenson) John W. H.
Stovall, Francis Marion
Strickland, Edward B.
Strickland, Josiah C.
Strickland, Rufus A.
Strickland, William Anderson
Swain, John K.
Swan, Baptist Hill
Swann, Seaborn H.
Taylor, Benjamin Pope
Thomas, Edward C.
Thomas, James Dudley
Thomas, Robert
Thomas, Robert Stevens
Thompson, James Wells
Thurmond, Harrison
Thurmond, Raymond R.
Tuck, Robert J.
Turbyfill, Malcomb M.
Turner, John E.
Varner, John
Vincent, Isaac “Ike”
Vincent, Obediah
Waddell, John
Ware, Edward Hull, “Paddy”
Ware, William J.
White, James W.
White, William Franklin
Whitman, Samuel P.
Wilkerson, Harvey Columbus
Wilkins, Alwyn Grant
Williams, George C.
Williams, James J.
Williams, Jesse Clarence
Williams, Thomas “Thomps” Dempsey
Winfrey, Henry L.
Winfrey, James Oscar
Winn, Crawford A.
Winn, Henry F.
York, James C.
York, John Marion

Posted with permission from William S. Smedlund

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