Index of Clarke County Returns and Mixed Records Book FF

abstracted by Mary Hoit Abbe

Book FF of the Returns & Mixed Records category contains only the Inventory and Appraisement of the estates of 1881-1914. They give the usual listing of all the goods and property of the deceased. The book where the will is located has also been indicated. As usual, many persons did not have a will.

The original books are in the Clarke County Courthouse. The microfilm, MFL 257-258, can be found at the Athens-Clarke County Public Library (Athens, Georgia) and on Try the FamilySearch Georgia Probate search page, use our index below, or browse the images on

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Court Records | Returns and Mixed Records

Journal Record of Inventory and Appraisements
Court Ordinary, Clarke County, Georgia
Book FF
AdamsMrs. Florida V. FF119-120 
AlexanderJoseph decd FF308E
AllgoodJames F. decd FF546 
AlmandMary E. decd FF290 
ArcherC. S. decd FF332 
ArcherMrs. N. N. decd FF486E
ArnoldCharles W. decd FF138E
ArnoldMrs. Mary V. decd FF147 
AsburyMrs.Caroline A. decd FF535E
AshJohn E. decd FF292 
AtkissonFannie A. H. decd FF247E
BaileyWilliam W. decd FF494-495 
BaldwinJames J. decd FF109-110 
BarberGreensby W. FF92-94 
BarefieldBrown decd FF377 
BarnettMrs. E. F. decd FF485 
BarryJ. M. decd FF363 
BarwickStancil decd FF316E
BeardenAaron decd FF248C
BertlingMrs. Jane E. decd FF142-143E
BenedictJohn A. decd FF476 
BenedictMrs. Mary L. decd FF476 
BentonLoyd S. decd FF76 
BettsZ. W. decd FF341-351E
BiggersMiss Lucy E. decd FF62D
Binion/BinyonJerry decd FF206-207E
BinyonBurton decd FF300E
BishopEdward P. decd FF26-27D
BishopJoseph decd FF87D
BishopMrs. Helen decd FF531-532 
BishopMrs. Martha M. decd FF457E
BlackmonMrs. E. M. decd FF526-527 
BlairThomas decd FF315E
BloomfieldMrs. A. W. decd FF432-433 
BloomfieldRobert K. decd FF49 
BoggsRichard decd FF255E
BondurantMary J. decd FF385 
BoonD. L. decd FF378 
BradfordElla Virginia decd FF366E
BranchCharity decd FF91E
BridgesMrs. Aminda decd FF520 
BrittainHenry L. decd FF264E
BrownCarter decdcolFF281 
BrownHenry decdcolFF251 
BrownMinor W. decd FF493-494 
BrownMinta decdcolFF579 
BrownNellie M. decd FF578 
BrownViney decdcolFF530-531 
BrowneWilliam M. decd FF54-61E
BrowningJosiah A. decd FF24-25 
BuchwaldEphraim decd FF547 
BuckhannonMrs. Catherine decd FF467-468 
BullockEliza S. decd FF434-435 
BullockW. S. decd FF436 
BurnettMrs. Annie R. decd FF474 
CamakAnnie T. decd FF249 
CamakJames decd FF324-325C
CampbellC. D. decd FF306 
CarithersEdy H. decd FF16-17 
CarithersMartha F. decd FF392 
CarltonDr. Joseph B. decd FF8-10E
CarrMrs. Florida C. decd FF469-470 
CashFloyd decdcolFF252 
ChappleMrs. M. F. decd FF458-459E
CheathamC. L. decd FF511 
CheneyFranklin W. decd FF307 
CheneyMrs. Mary Louisa decd [in Clarke & Chattooga Counties] FF95-97D
ClevelandWilliam P. decd FF490-491 
CobbMary Ann decd [in Lumpkin County] FF230-231 
ColeSarissa B. decd FF431 
CollierMrs. Ellen decd FF579 
CollinsBessie decd FF362 
ColtJohn H. decd [in Clarke & Jackson Counties] FF43-46, 198, 204 
ComptonThomas H. decd FF220 
CookSusan decd FF389 
CornellMrs. Elizabeth decd FF501 
CoussonsThomas FF31 
CovingtonHenry decd FF399E
CraneJ. R. decd FF562-563 
CraneJohn R. decd FF159-178 
CrawfordJohn decd FF386-387 
CrawfordJohn R. decd FF498-499 
CrowleyJames T. decd FF488-489 
CulpPeter decd FF311E
DanielRachael decd FF536-537E
DavieRev. J. C. decd FF587 
DavisAngeline decd FF85 
DavisFuller decdcolFF253 
DavisPrior L. decd FF245-246E
DawsonPeter decdcolFF477-478 
DeanMrs. Susan (W. H.) (see Bk TT, pp. 546-548) FF  
DearingThomas H. decd FF261 
DearingWilliam decd FF357-358 
DeloneyMrs. Rosa E. decd FF388E
DixonFloyd decd FF291E
DobbinsMrs. Elizabeth decd FF530 
DunnLeah decdcolFF299 
EberhartEdward P. decd FF472E
EberhartGeorge decd [in several counties] FF522-524 
EberhartGiles Mitchell decd FF53 
EberhartMrs. Ann E. decd FF66 
EberhartJohn decd FF155-156 
EcholsGeorge decdcolFF302 
EdgeMrs. Sarah decd FF401-402 
EidsonLewis decd FF321E
EdwardsRichard Q..decd FF545 
EidsonJoseph E. decd FF521-522 
EnglandSarah decd FF390E
EppsJosephine decd FF326 
EppsSarah decd FF478 
ErwinAlexandedr S. decd FF482 
FearsE. P. decd FF570-573 
FellowsMrs. Mary Ann decd FF30D
FulcherJ. A. decd FF561 
FulcherJames decd FF98-100D
FulcherMrs. Mollie R. decd FF516 
FulcherSusan decd FF256-258 
GallowayJames decd FF443-444 
GannDavid decd FF412-414 
GeanAnna decd FF415E
GeanNancy B. decd FF232 
GillelandW. A. decd FF282-284 
GoolsbyJohn decd FF288-289 
GoolsbyLucy decdcolFF540 
GouldMary E. decd [duplicates?] wife of Stephen Gould FF439-441, 448-451 
GrantJames A. decd FF262-263 
HaleMrs. Mary A. decd FF453 
HaleRobert W. decd FF411 
HaleWilliam decd FF101-102D
HaleWilliam J. decd FF505 
HaleJohn T. decd FF410E
HamiltonDuke decd FF182E
HancockJames decd FF462 
HardemanMrs. Mary E. decd FF111-112 
HardemanMrs. Nancy S. decd FF528-529 
HardenMiss Mary E. G. decd FF152-153E
HarrisH. N. decd FF396 
HarrisJames M. decd FF11 
HarrisMartha decdcolFF38D
HarrisMyrtis decdcolFF34-36 
HarrisMrs. Paulina T. decd FF32D
HarrisYoung L. G. decd FF328-330E
HayesM. T. decd FF481 
HeadJess J. decd FF103-104 
HeardGeorge E. decd FF297-298 
HeardGeorge W. decd FF445 
HillBaker decd FF500 
HillBlanton M. decd FF121 
HodgesJoseph Sr. FF50 
HortonEliza decd FF242 
HowardPatrick decdcolFF333 
HudsonThomas F. decd FF405-406E
HugginsJ. H. Sr. FF446-447 
HughesHampden Sidney decd FF68-71 
HughesJohn H. decd FF250 
HughesMary A. decd FF312 
HullEvaline decd FF504 
HullDr. Henry decd FF1-2D
HullWilliam Henry decd FF65 
HulmeF. B. decd FF141 
HunnicuttRosa May FF364 
HusleyA. P. decd FF365 
JacksonReuben N. decd FF580 
JacksonWilliam P. decd FF584 
JenkinsPeter decdcolFF314 
JenningsRobert decd FF193-194E
JohnsonDavid H. decd FF145-146 
JohnsonGeorge T. decd FF394 
JohnsonJohn T. decd FF501-503, 506-508 
JohnsonMrs. Maggie P. decd FF576 
JonesAdaline decdcolFF483 
JonesJohn T. decd FF383 
KellumLorania decd FF368 
KempWilliam C. decd FF84 
KennardJoel S. decd FF484 
KenneyGeorge decdcolFF462-463 
KenneyJoseph A. decd FF140 
KenneyMiss Louisa A. decd FF487 
KingCaroline decd FF334E
KingJames S. decd FF496-497E
KittleJohn decd [in Jackson & Clarke Counties] FF18-21 
KittleMargaret decd FF77-78 
LampkinLewis J. decd FF106-107 
LanniusMrs. S. A. decd FF489E
LavenderNancy E. decd FF199-200 
LawlessPermelia decd FF14 
LawrenceCamilia decdcolFF51-52 
LesterMrs. Amanda decd FF454 
LillyEdward decd FF221 
LillySarah A. decd FF331 
LintonMrs. Lucy Ann FF15 
LongMrs. Susan J. decd FF335E
LyonsC. H. decd [in Fulton County] FF337-339 
MaddoxEliza F. decd FF320 
MaddoxJ. C. decd FF244 
MandevilleMrs. Ann Eliza decd FF471E
MarksMyer decd FF417-423 
MarksSimon decd FF188-192E
MartinMrs. Dice decd FF442E
MartinMrs. S. C. decd FF520-521 
MathewsJohn R. decd FF22-23 
MathewsMartha E. decd FF4-5D
MatthewsJames D. decd FF113-116E
MaysMrs. Lucy Ann decd FF139 
McAllisterJoseph L. decd, will is in Returns & Mixed Records Bk Z, p 208 FF464-466 
McCleskeyDavid M. decd FF117-118E
McCleskeyMrs. G. B. decd FF47 
McCombsNelson decd FF360E
McGregorA. W. decd FF577 
McKieMary E. decd FF336 
McLeroyFrancis M. Sr. decd FF437-438E
McLesterJames G. decd [several counties] FF235-240 
McMahanJ. J. C. decd FF542-543 
McWhorterMrs. Cassandra W. FF74-75 
MellDr. Patrick H. decd FF185-187E
MitchellWilliam L. decd FF48 
MontgomeryMrs. Calista A. FF86 
MorrisIsarel decd FF259-260 
MorrisRosa I. Decd FF310E
MortonMrs. Mildred E. decd FF380E
MortonW. H. [has automobile] FF585-586 
MyersMoses decd FF375 
NabersWilliam decd FF144 
NealW. N. decd FF508-509 
NevittHenry M. decd FF158 
NevittMrs. Mary Eliza decd FF533-534E
NewtonJames decdcolFF205 
NewtonJohn H. decd [several counties–wild lands] FF265-280E
NewtonMrs. Charlotte decd FF80D
NicholsJohn R. decd FF352-354 
NicholsonJames M. decd FF398E
NicholsonJohn W. decd (in Clarke & Jackson Counties) FF122-137 
NicholsonMrs. Martha Matilda FF319E
NickersonReuben decd FF513-515E
NikcholsonH. B. decd FF157 
NoellMrs. Jennie decd FF575 
NoellUpson C. decd FF384 
NunnallyJohn C. decd FF382E
O’FarrellA. H. decd FF551-553 
OsborneJ. N. decd FF309 
OsborneMiss Sallie decd FF473 
ParksWillis decdcolFF105D
ParrB. J. decd FF223 
PatatFrancis decd FF340 
PatmanWilliam decd FF82 
PattenMrs. Mary decd FF381 
PayneHenry M. decdcolFF564-565 
PettisAlfred decdcolFF313 
PhinizyFerdinand decd FF224-229, 233-234E
PhinizyHarry Hays decd FF241, 243E
PitnerJohn C. decd [in several counties] FF210-219E
PittardI. H. decd [inheritance tax] FF581-583, 589D
PittardW. G decd FF467 
PittardWilliam decd FF88-89 
PittmanR. L. decd FF509-511 
PoolJackson decdcolFF79D
PorterMiss Mary Estelle decd FF548 
PoundsBetty decdcolFF286 
PricePinkie decdcolFF544 
RayMargaret decd FF203 
RayMary decd FF535 
ReavesMrs. Annie E. decd FF187 
ReedAdaline decdcolFF468-469E
ReeseCharles S. of California FF3 
ReeseSidney C. decd FF37 
RichardsMiss Bessie M. decd FF487-488 
RichardsRichard decdcolFF512 
RiversMrs. J. H. decd FF460 
RobertsAnna decdcolFF466 
RobertsonDr. W. V. decd FF518-519 
RobinsonMrs. Gretrude, Lunatic FF529 
RoseMrs. B. O. W. FF581 
RuckerMrs. Amelia C. decd FF416E
RuckerSarah E. decd FF367 
RutherfordWilliams decd FF376E
SansamRobert decd FF183 
SappEdward decd [not quite identical]colFF81, 83 
SayeJames A. decd FF28 
SayeMrs. Nancy B. decd FF479-480E
ScottT. J. decd FF537-539 
SeagravesW. P. decd FF355 
SeaySarah decd FF222 
ShacklefordH. T. decd FF452-453 
ShawHenry decdcolFF287 
ShedWilliam H. decd FF517 
ShewellGeorge S. decd FF295-296E
SilveyH. C. decd FF322-323 
SilveyMrs. S. J. FF395 
SimsMrs.Hattie P. decd FF108 
SledgeMrs. Mary C. decd FF29 
SloaneSallie decd FF574 
SmithAraminta decd FF254E
SmithElizabeth Mariah decd FF67D
SmithHarkness decdcolFF209D
SmithHerman decd FF560 
SmithLucy decdcolFF455 
SmithPatrick decdcolFF148 
SmithSarah decd FF90 
SmithMrs. Sarah E. decd FF107-108 
SparksThomas H. decd FF361D
SpearGeorge C. decd FF484-485 
SpeerEustace W. FF424-425E
SpencerSallie C. decd FF356 
SpinksSarah A. G. decd FF293 
StaffordMrs. Epsy decd FF154 
StaffordMalcom decd FF40-42 
SternCharles decd FF527-528 
StreckfussC. F. decd FF393E
StreckfussMrs. Fannie G. decd FF391E
StudleyW. B. decd FF294 
SwannLemuel decd FF196-197 
SwannMiss Rebecca FF475, 477 
TalmadgeCovis G. decd FF369-373E
TalmadgeWilliam A. decd FF149-151E
ThomasMrs. Claudia F. decd FF397E
ThomasJohn J. decd FF201-202 
ThomasRobert decd FF72-73D
ThomasStevens Jr. decd FF317-318E
ThompsonMiddleton decd FF359D
ThurmondSamuel P. decd FF179-181E
ToddT. B. F. decd FF515-516 
ToomerMrs. Annie E. decd FF554-559 
TuckJohn R. decd FF456E
TuckWilliam I. Decd FF428-429E
TurnerGreen decdcolFF407 
TweedyJ. K. decd FF195 
VarnerMrs. Susan E. FF64 
Verouce ?Ellen decd FF305 
VincentIsaac Smith decd FF403-404D
Vonder LeithE. H. decd FF301E
WallaceSarah decd FF208 
WallaceT. W. FF549-550 
WansleyMrs. Teresa A. decd FF480-481E
WatkinsLizzie decdcolFF285 
WatkinsM. G. decd FF492 
WatsonMarion decd FF461E
WeilPeter decd FF408-409 
WeirJohn W. decd FF504E
WeirSarah J. decd FF184 
WelchW. P. decd FF374 
WheelerJosephine decd FF567 
WheelerW. H. decd FF524-525 
WhiteJohn decd FF12-13E
WhitmanNathan decd FF517E
WilkersonIsaac decd FF6-7 
WilliamsF. M. decd FF379 
WilliamsJames decdcolFF457 
WilsonJ. S. decd FF426-427 
WilsonMrs. Love A. decd FF566 
WingfieldMrs. E. D. decd FF568-569 
WingfreySopha decd FF430 
WoottenMrs. E. A. decd FF303-304 
YerbyMary J. decd FF541 
YerbySarah H. decd FF327 
YoungAgnes decd FF400E

©2002 Mary Hoit Abbe

Court Records | Returns and Mixed Records

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