Genealogy Creations: Ways to Use and Share Your Genealogy Research

presented by Nona Knecht Thornton
Saturday, 22 April 2023 | 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
Athens-Clarke County Library Multi-purpose Room A, Athens, GA

Nona K. Thornton will show examples of ways she has incorporated family history into gifts for family, home décor, and displays for family reunions. Many of these are simple projects that any of us can do, if we thought of them. In addition, Mary Portier will share the books she created for her family using Shutterfly, a photo album, a family story, and a few online records.

Come see and hear what “Genealogy Creation” means at a fun, interactive program.

Nona Knecht Thornton
Local professional genealogist, lecturer, and creator of displays and keepsakes using genealogy research, Nona has been learning about genealogy and family history since childhood. Her grandmothers encouraged her to know her roots thus creating a passion for genealogy that won’t go away. She researches her own family and for others. The passion for the story and knowing about the lives of ancestors led to Genealogy Creations – a way to share what you know with friends and family.

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