Clarke County, Georgia Will Books A to D

abstracted by Mary Hoit Abbe

The following chart for Clarke County Will Books A, B, C, and D gives the name of the testator, will book, and page number on which the will is located. The column labeled Mixed Records & Returns/Notes indicates the locations of the administration, inventory, appraisal, and sale of the estate. The amount of information contained there varies from estate to estate. Columns 1 and 2 indicate if there are loose papers. When court proceedings took place, bills, vouchers, receipts, affidavits, etc were filed; some of these papers have survived. Unlike the record in books, these loose records contain the handwriting and signature of the person-not that of the clerk. Column 3 indicates that there is a marriage listed for that person. A separate page houses the index for Will Book E.

Source and location information as well as an explanation of columns 1, 2, and 3 can be found at the bottom of this page.

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Court Records | Will Book E

Clarke County, Georgia
Will Book A (1803-1822), Will Book B (1822-1842),
Will Book C (1842-1859), and Will Book D (1859-1885)
PageMixed Records & Returns/Notes1
AdamsJohn B39Bk D, p 400-406X X
AikenBetsy C203-204Bk N, p 22-25XX 
AikenRhoda C273-274Bk R, p 421-422X  
AikenTabitha C285-286Bk R, p 423-429, 555-556X  
AkeridgeEzekiel C18-24Bk J, p 120-127XX 
AkinJames A69-70Bk B, p 363-368XXX
AlredJonathan B1Bk D, p 23-28XX 
ArzeBernado J. D113-114Bk T, p 587-598; b Mexico, barberX  
AskewJosiah F. C128-132Bk K, p 311-325, Bk L, p 508XX 
AtkinsonArthur C. B77Bk E, 373-375X  
BankstonWilliam A30 XX 
BarberJames C88-90Bk K, p 46-54XXX
BarberRobert C162-165Bk L, p 18-35; Bk O, p 20-35XX 
BarberSarah C205-206Bk N, p 2-11XX 
BarefieldJeremiah C166-168Bk L, p 1-6XX  
BarnettAnna B190of Monroe, Walton Co., GA   
BarnettCaroline C1-2Bk J, p 16-17XX 
BarnettW. G. D345-346Bk DD, p 128-129X  
BaxterMary, Mrs. D238-239Bk Z, p 181-189, 238, 259-260, 280-293, 327-332;
Bk JJ , 653-655
BaxterThomas W. C40-45Bk J, p 343-357; Bk K, p 377-389; Bk N, p 466-488XX 
BealZephaniah B92Bk F, p 266-285; Bk G, p 41-52; or ZephamiahXX 
BeardenAaron C80-82Bk K, p 1-4; Bk FF, p 248XX 
BeardenRichard B104Bk F, p 186-190X  
BedellRobert J. C112-114orphan of Pendleton T. Bedell, Bk H, p 543-546XX 
BiggersLucy E. D427-428Bk HH, p 396-400XX 
BiggersNathan C155-156Bk L, p 106-129; Bk N, p 497-498XXX
BiggsJoel A20Bk ABCD, p 300XX 
BillupsElizabeth B97nee Eilizabeth W. Fullwood  X
BillupsJohn D291-292 X X
BillupsRobert R. B160Bk H, p 4-13X X
BillupsWilliam A76-78Bk B, p 447-458; Bk C, p 195XX 
BishopEdward P. D413-414Bk FF, p 26-27X X
BishopJoseph D451-452Bk FF, p 87X  
BishopMary C. D471-472 X  
BishopThomas D187 X X
BonerWilliam H. B246Bk H, p 603-608, 612; or BonnerXX 
BornDaniel A110-111or Borne, DaniellX  
BostickRebecca C148-151Bk F, p 472-489; Bk G, p 75-88, Bk H, p 92-100;
Bk J, p 1-11, 390-403; Bk L, p 400-409
BostickRebekah B128Bk F, p 472-489; Bk G, p 75-88; Bk H, p 92-100;
Bk J, p 1-11, 390-403; or Bostwick
BradfordMary, Mrs. D334-336Bk CC, p 362-365; Bk H, p 30-35 X 
BranchCharitycolD457-458Bk FF, p 91; Bk JJ, p 190XX 
BranchDicy C78-79Bk K, p 219-224XX 
BranchJames C. D241-244 X  
BranchWilliam S. C169-170Bk H, p 152-158XX 
BraswellGeorge A130-131Bk C, p 334-338  X
BridgesElizabeth D445-446 X  
BrightwellJohn B144Bk G, p 53-63, 69-70; see Orphans of Bk J, 166-167XX 
BrittainThomas A36Bk EFGHI, p 334-340X  
BroachJones A29Bk EFGHI, p 246-252X  
BrownBedford A79-82Bk C, p 14-34, 152-175, 226-228XX 
BrownBetsy Ann A42 XX 
BrownDolle/DollycolD352 X  
BrownElijah C229-230Bk O, p 262-271, 360-379; Bk Q, p 50-58XX 
BrownJames C171-172Bk R, p 700-701 XX
BrownThomas A21Bk ABCD, p 240-21; Bk EFGHI, p 196-198X  
BrowneWilliam M. D447-448Bk FF, p 54-61; Bk GG, p 37-42, 8-104;
Bk HH, p 538-542; Bk JJ, 157-168; of Memphis, TN
BrowningJoshua A17Bk EFGHI, p 110-117; Bk E, p. 527-528XX 
CabbellRobert J. B21Bk D, p 261-270, 278XXX
CagleMelinda C233-234nee Malinda Rea  X
CamakJames C83-84Bk K, p 24-35; Bk FF, 324-325X  
Camron, Jr.John A61-62Bk B, p 302-206X  
CareyDudley A7Bk ABCD, p 77-85; Bk EFGHI, p 1-2; or Cary X 
CarltonWilliam E. C106-107Bk L, p 216-223   
CarnesThomas P. B3Bk D, p 21-41XX 
CarrWilliam A. D296-298Bk BB, p 564-580 X 
CaryLucy B26    
CastleberryHenry A18-19Bk EFGHI, p 96-99, 183X  
ChanceyJohn D82-83Bk U, p 236; Bk HH, p 195 X 
ChandlerCicero H. D461 XX 
ChaseAlbon D217-218 X  
CheneyMary Louisa, Mrs. D473-476Bk FF, p 95-97; Bk HH, p 570-572;
Bk JJ, p 20-24, 454-460, 580-583
ChurchAlonzo D98-99Bk V, p 264-283, 434-440XX 
ChurchJohn R. D126    
ClarkWilliam C124-127Bk K, 276-294; check Bk B, 77-78XX 
ClaytonAugustin S. B216Bk H, p 225-228;X  
Clements, Sr.John A67-68Bk B, p 290, 511-512; or ClemonsXX 
Clifton, Sr.George B234Bk H, p 337-341XXX
CoatsJohn G. B239of Laurens Co., GA   
CobbLucy Barrow, Mrs. D392-395 X X
CobbLucy Barrow, Mrs. D410-412DuplicateX X
CobbThomas R. R. D127-128Bk V, 616-619X  
CockJack Flemming A63Bk B, p. 224-230; or CookX X
ColeJames D. B180    
ColeSarah C250-256Bk R, p 131-134, 137-164, 263-268; nee Sarah FreemanX X
CongerAbijah D182-183Bi X, p 117; Bk Y, p 1-10, 284-287XXX
CookJames C263-267Bk O, p 444-464; Bk Q, p 333-342XX 
CookZadock D143-145    
CoxEliza/Elizabeth M. D78-80Bk T, p 267-291XXX
CoxRichard B170Bk G, p 421-422; check Bk Z, p 198-199XX 
CraftGarrett C119-121 X  
CraigWilliam C173-176Bk L, p 180-196XX 
CrawfordJulia F. D319-320Bk AA, p 112-128; 487-493XXX
CrawfordSusan D283-284  X 
CrawfordSusannah D107Bk V, p 294 X 
CrawfordThomas D281-282Bk AA, p 320-321, 349-351, 460-473, 497-519; Bk BB, p 382-383;
Bk CC, p 566-567; Bk GG, p 60-61, 203; Bk HH, p 338-339, 609-617
CrewsJohn B28Bk D, p 331-332, 364XX 
CrowAaron C70-72Bk Y, p 164-172XXX
CrowStephen B135Bk F, p 242-244, 460-469XX 
CroxtonJames B141Bk G, p 28-31X  
DaniellFrancis Marion D179see minor orphan, Bk M, p 200-326X  
DaniellJosiah C48-53Bk J, p 404-413 (trust); Bk AA, p 313-314XXX
Daniell, Sr.William B241Bk H, p 439-445XXX
DaniellyElizabeth C146-147nee Elizabeth CookX X
DavenportFrancis B14Bk D, p 81-89; of Oglethorpe Co., GA X 
DavenportMartin S. C182-184Bk M, 604-620 X 
DavidsonCharles A60    
DeanJohn D229-230Bk Y, p 442-449, 568-571XXX
DeLaceyHenry M. D258-259Bk AA, p 299-303XX 
DeloneyWilliam G. D152Bk W, p 381-384, 583-598X  
DoranAndrew B126Bk F, p 414-415XX 
DorseyJames P. D328-329Bk CC, p 414-415  X
DorseyWilliam H. D211-212Bk Y, p 366-370XX 
DosterFrancis M. D158-159Bk BB, p 216-217XX 
DoughertyCharles C227-228(2) Bk O, p 216-249; Bk Q 591-595XX 
DoughertyElizabeth T. C224-226Bk Q, 597-598XX 
DoughertyHenry D123-124    
DoughertyRebekah B63Bk E, p 253-260; Bk F, p 296-298XX 
DunnahooJames C242-244Bk P, p 370-379, 588-603XXX
DupreeLucy Y. D357-358    
DurhamAbraham B48Bk E, p 62-65, 68XX 
DurhamLinsey C311-313Bk S, p 145-171; the old doctorXXX
DurhamSamuel D. B83Bk E, p 509-510XX 
EarlyJacob B72Bk E, p 343-345; of Wilkes Co., GAXX 
EarlySarah G D See will in Bk AA, p 51 X 
EastSilas D231-232Bk Y, 528-531, 586X X
EcholsJames B40Bk D, p 19-20XX 
EdwardsHenry L. D225-226Bk Y, p 598-599XX 
EdwardsRichard I. D380-381Bk EE, p 98-99 XX
EdwardsSolomon C35-37Bk J, p 303-3312, 463-467, 695-699X  
EidsonLewis D271-272Bk GG, p 80X  
ElderDavid C217-218Bk K, p 275; Bk N, p 550-551; Bk O, p 340-350;
Bk V, p 398-409, 444;
ElderJoshua, Sr. C159-161Bk L, p 36-37X X
ElderPhilip C219-220Bk N, p 644-648X X
ElderSterling B42Bk E, p 447-449; Bk G, p 411-417XXX
EppsWilliam D172-174Bk X, p 63-88, 424-436XXX
EspryJohn C65-66Bk J, p 608-611 X 
EspryJoseph C122-123Bk L, 226XX 
EvansGeorge A105-107    
FambroughAnderson A59Bk B, p 116-123; BK D, p 185-192X  
FambroughJohn A. D233-234Bk Y, p 438-441X  
FellowsGeorge P. D332-333Bk CC, p 470X  
FellowsMary Ann, Mrs. D382-385Bk FF, p 30; Bk HH, p 120-124; widow of George FellowsXX 
FinchWilliam A41 XXX
FinleyRobert A74-75     
FlintIra H. B183of Houston Co., GA   
FosterJohn B54Bk E, p 87-79; Bk F, p 236-241XXX
FowlerCody C194-199Bk M, 676-705, 714-733XX 
FreemanJohn B225Bk H, p 470-471X X
FulcherJames D462-463Bk FF, p 98-100; Bk GG, p 54, 107; Bk JJ, p 75-78, 178XXX
FullwoodRobert A146-149Bk D, p 99-105X  
GannJohn C248-249Bk P, p 550-559XXX
GarnerJail/Jael B109Bk F, p 195-196;X  
GarnerPeggy B209    
GentryElisha A9Bk ABCD, p 162-164X  
GoberWesley A. D109-110Bk V, p 286-287XX 
GoberWilliam H. D313-315Bk M, p 621-622X  
GoffNancy W. Mrs. D206-207Bk X, p 189-192X  
GoldingSusan D337-339Bk CC, p 308-317;widowX  
GorleyMary D88-89Bk T, p 709-713XX 
GrayAnna A139-140Bk C, p 368-373X  
GrayJeremiah G. D386-387 X  
GreerCynthia W. C157-158Bk L, p 44-47XX 
GreerJames B35Bk D, 377-385X  
GreerJohn C. D75Bk T, p 225-227; CorporalX X
GreerThomas C15-17Bk J, p 244-249, 251XXX
GreshamYoung A112-115Bk C, p 205-213; Bk D, p 357-358XX 
GriffethJohn L. D285-286Bk BB, p 238-251XXX
GriffinDavis J. B29    
HaganEdward A11Bk ABCD, p 373-378; Bk EFGHI, p 423; or HaginX X
Haile/HaleHosea B201   X
HaleWilliam D477-478Bk FF, p 101-102, 505; Bk GG, p 67-68, 75-76XXX
HalesWilie C46-47Bk J, p 319-321 X 
HambletonBarton B80Bk, p 443-445; or HamiltonX  
HamiltonSarah S. D340-344Bk DD, p 1-37, 250-260XXX
HamptonJonathan D433-434Bk Gg, p 44-49, 56, 58-59;
Bk HH, p 411-422, 609-612, 623-629
HannahThomas A24Bk EFGHI, p 428-432X  
HardimanBenjamin F. D293-294try HardemanX X
HarperAnselmn L. D236-237   X
HarperGeorge A47-48Bk E, p 532-535 X 
HarperMary M. A1    
Harper, Sr.John W. B82Bk E, p 481-490; Bk F, p 393XXX
HarrisJohn D264-265Bk AA, p 129-160, 354-356, 42-443; Bk BB, p 429-432 XX
HarrisMartha D398-399Bk FF, p 38; Bk GG, p 6-7; Bk HH, p 317-319X X
HarrisPaulina T., Mrs. D415-416Bk HH, p 291-301XX 
HarrisRebecca (Mrs.) A96Bk C, p 35-38XX 
HarrisTurnercolD307-308Bk M, p 350-353   
HarrisSarah H., Mrs. D254-257    
HarrisonJames Jenkins D235Bk Y, p 616-617; minor orphan of, Bk V, p 298-304XX 
Harvey Sr.John B18Bk D, p 247-252XX 
HarvieJudith B56Bk E, p 26-28   
HarvieWilliam A49-51 X  
HayesDavid A54    
HayesHiram C278-281Bk R, p 271-295XX 
HayesRichard A22-23Bk B, p 173X  
HaygoodWilliam C135-137Bk K, p 271-295 X 
HendersonMathew H. D303-306Bk CC, p 169-175; Bk HH, 640-666XXX
HendonIsham A13Bk ABCD, p 169-170   
HerringWilliam A43-45Bk E, p 377-378; see Orphans of, Bk D, 346X X
HesterSamuel B197Bk H, p 101-116, 455-462XX 
HesterStephen B23Bk D, p 227-240; Bk F, p 127-139, 140-143;
There are several Stephen Hesters.
HesterStephen C268-272Bk Q, p 351-384XXX
HicksDaniel A143-144Bk C, p 373-378, 404-405X  
HillIsaac B121Bk F, p 354-359; Bk N, p 100-109; Bk P, p 354-359XX 
HodgeJohn A102-104Bk C, p 220-224X X
HodgesJoseph, Sr. D426Bk FF, p 50  X
HogueJacob A71-73Bk B, 355-356X  
HolbrookNathan D148-149Bk X, p 211-219XX 
HolderJohn B10Bk D, p 153-161; F, p 262-265, 292-293XX 
HollawellAsa A6Bk ABCD, p 137-140; or HallawayX  
HoltCicero B95Bk F, p 218-223; Bk G, p 35-37XXX
HopkinsLambeth A10Bk ABCD, p 95; Bk EFGHI, p 5-6; of Jackson CoX  
HoppingEphriam S. C207-208Bk N, p 400-449; Bk P, 286-306XX 
HowardHiram A125-127Bk C, p 300-304XX 
HoytNathan D192-197Bk X, p 349-353X  
HudsonCatey A141-142Bk C, p 361-362; also try HutsonXX 
HudsonGeorge W. D129-131Bk W, p 1-30XX 
HuffHenry C27-30Bk L, p 50-51; check Henry Alford HuffXX 
HuffSarah C152-154Bk K, 616-628   
HullAsbury D184-186Bk X, p 163-188, 342-347, 589-608 see Bk CC, p 1-10XX 
HullHenry D400-403Bk FF, p 1-2; Bk HH, p 49-68 XX
HullMariah C., Mrs. D321-322Bk S, p 435-447; nee Mariah Cook XX
HumphriesUriah A83-88Bk B, p 476-489; Bk C, p 84-89, 260-261;
Bk F, p 246-247; or Humphreys
HutchesonPeter W. D390-391Bk EE, p 130-169, 493-511, 563-566, 583-586;
Bk JJ, p 59-60, 585-585
JacksonFrancis C108-111Bk K, 196-207, 263-275; Bk O, p 526-559; Bk Q, p 641-649XXX
JacksonHartwell, Sr. C301-310Bk S, p 679-700, 710-721XXX
JacksonHenry B229Bk H, p 383-386XXX
JacksonHillman D309-312Bk Y, 204-205XXX
JacksonJohn W. D181Bk X, 237-239XX 
JacksonJohn, Sr. C231-232Bk O, p 174-195; Bk HH, p 156 XX
JarrellJames S. B167 XX 
JenningsGiles D175-176Bk Y, p 190-198; Bk GG, 159, 162; Giles R.,
orphan, Bk W 399-405
JenningsHenry D121-122Bk V, p 588-614, Bk GG, p 171XXX
JenningsJ. B. D92check Joseph Billups, minor of James JenningsXX 
JenningsJames C31-34Bk J, p 358-373XXX
JonesWilliam C100-105Bk K, 82-91XX 
KenneyJohn J. N. D117-118Bk W, p 67-68; KinneyX  
KennyJames C257Bk R, p 85-103XX 
KilgorePeter A56Bk B, p 51-54XX 
KingFrancina E. D464-470nee Francinia E. GreerX X
KingSarah C13-14    
KinneyAlfredcolD429-430 X  
KittleWilliam D316-318Bk CC, p 242-268; Bk EE, 290-300; Bk GG, p 222XXX
KluttsJacob D168-171Bk Y, p 11-15, 393-401XX 
LairdRobert B138 X  
LambertThomas B55Bk E, p 143-146XX 
LeeJohn B176Bk G, p 133-137, 427-434XXX
LeeJudith D180Bk V, p 160XX 
LesterLewis, Sr. D245-247Bk Z, 291-326; Bk GG p 74XXX
LigonJames A128-129Bk C, p 306-312XX 
LigonMary B61Bk E, p 402; of Oglethorpe Co, GA X 
LigonCeasarcolD396-397 XX 
LintonAlexander B. B203Bk H, p 210-218, 220; Bk J, p 331-335;XX
LoweJohn H., Sr. D132-136Bk V, 620-634XXX
LumpkinFrank D347-348Bk DD, p 110-113; Bk GG, p 171X  
LumpkinGeorge R. C will in Records Bk S, p 50-54X  
LumpkinGeorge W. B90wife: AlethiaXXX
LumpkinGeorge W. B106of Oglethorpe Co., wife: AlethiaXXX
LumpkinJoseph Henry D213-214Bk CC, p 93-114, 337-347XX 
LumpkinSamuel P. D146-147Bk W, p 311-322XX 
LumpkinWilson D269-270Bk BB, 414-419XX 
MaddoxJoseph B162Bk G, p 233-243XX 
MaloneElizabeth B89    
MaloneJohn A25Bk EFGHI, p 123-153X  
MalonePhoebe D388-389 X  
MaloneWilliam B44Bk D, 476-481XX 
MartinHugh A58Bk B, p 84-99X  
MathewsMartha E. D408-409Bk FF, p 4-5; Bk GG 15-16; Bk HH, p 141-148XX 
MaxeyAlbert J. D295Bk BB, p 512-516XX 
MaxeyElizabeth D287-288 X  
MaxeyJohn A40 XX 
MayneJohn G. C67-69Bk J, p 558-577; Bk K, p 174-177, 294-295XX 
McAlisterJoseph L. D See his will in Return Bk Z, p. 208-227XX 
McCartyHannah A27Bk ABCD, p 277-280X  
McCleskeyWilliam W. D479 X  
McCoyHenry A32-33Bk ABCD, p 281-298; Bk D, p. 486X  
McCullockWilliam B114Bk F, p 232-233X  
McLeroyNeedham C258-260Bk R, p 210-238X  
McReeBenjamin C245-247Bk G, p 471-474; Bk R, p 255-258XX 
MeekerChristopher C. D105-106Bk X, p 1-30XX 
MeltonJonathan A55See Orphans of, Bk H, p 2XX 
MeriwetherDavid B7Bk D, p 43-44; David M.; Bk E, p 511X X
MeriwetherDavid B88Bk D, p 43-44; David M.; Bk E, p 511X X
MiddlebrooksAnderson C. D273-280Bk AA, p 494-495; Bk EE, p 322-324XXX
MitchellGiles D240Bk Z, p 449-465X  
MitchellLucia L., Mrs. D374-375wife of William C. Mitchell   
MitchellThomas C191-193Bk N, p 656-699XX 
MitchellWilliam A150Bk C, p 393-403; Bk F 73-80XXX
MitchellWilliam L. D81Bk T, p 535-586; Bk V, p 50-100; Bk FF, p 48XXX
MitchellWilliam L. D423-425Bk T, p 535-586; Bk V, p 50-100; Bk FF, p 48XXX
MooreEleanor, Mrs. D371-372Bk DD, p 588-589XXX
MooreFrancis B108 XX 
MooreThomas D266-268Bk AA, p 454-457XXX
MooreWilliam B150Bk G, p 227, 261-268XX 
MortonJoel B206Bk H, p 188-191XX 
MortonJoseph F. D365-367 X X
MossJohn D. D160-161Bk M, p 327-330, p 642-669XX 
MossThomas D420-422 X  
MygattGeorge D355-356  X  
NailElisha A97-99Bk C, p 73-80XX 
NallNathan A2-4   X
NallRichard A92-95    
NanceJohn D93-94Bk V, p 242, 498-518XX 
NeislerHugh D90-91Bk V, p 174-175XX 
NesbittMary W. D442-444 X  
NewtonCatherine C75-77Bk J, p 552-556 X 
NewtonCharlotte, Mrs. D437-438Book FF, p 80; nee Charlotte Sisson  X
NewtonClary B66 X  
NewtonElizur L. D417-419Bk GG, p 32; Bk HH, p 94-102, 278-290, 365-375,
510-513, 552-559; Bk JJ, 79-84, 297-302, 462-467, 595-596
NicholsEmma, Mrs. D368-370Bk DD, p 576-577; oral willX  
NisbetJames B99Bk F, p 170-179, 376-379; or NesbetX  
NixonJohn A117-120    
NunnallyJohn B31Bk E, p 32-45; Bk F, p 342-345X X
NunnallySuckey C200-202    
NuttWilliam A89-91Bk C, p 3566-387X  
OliverJohnn C54-56    
OliverJoseph A39of Charlotte Co, VAXX 
OsbornJohn D86-87Bk U, p 518-570; several John OsbornXXX
OsburnJohn B148Bk G, p 89-94; see Orphans of, Bk V, p 324-331X X
PaineEdward C. C261-262Bk J, p 73-78, 169-178, 282-287;
Bk K, p 60-62; Bk X, p 610-628
PaineSeaborncolD330-331Bk DD, p 50-55XX 
ParksWillis D459-460Bk FF, p 105; Bk HH, p 693XX 
PattonJane A52-53 X  
PayneEdward C3-6Bk K, p 60-62; Bk P, p 520-549, 636-654; Bk X, p 610-628X X
PerkinsRobert A123-124Bk E, p 211-219XX 
PerryPeter A116 XX 
PettifordLewis A.colD150-151Bk V, p 49; Bk W, 413-414XX 
PittardHumphrey C85-87 XX 
PittardWilliam D453-454 XXX
PoolJackson D441Agreement between Jackson Pool & wife
and Anderson Mathews & Mother Eliza Horton to buy a house
PopeBurwell B236Bk H, p 392-403; Bk J, p 94-99; of AthensXX 
PopeMary C25-26 X  
PopeSarah K. D362-364 X  
PowelCharles A14    
PrestonThomas B165Bk G, p 276-284XXX
PriceElizabeth C73-74Bk J, p 592-593X  
PriceJames B211Bk H, p 180-181XX 
PuryearWilliam H., Sr. C298-300Bk S, p 99-104, 289-297;
see William, oprhan, Bk F, p 250-255
RadfordHenry A12Bk ABCD, p 244X  
RandolphPeter A46 X  
RansomReuben B116Bk F, p 306-313, 432-435; Bk L, p 7-9XXX
ReeseCharles M. D95-97Bk V, p 176-193XXX
ReeseElizabeth W. G. C213-216Bk N, p 510-512; nee Elizabeth W. GerandineXXX
RhoadsJames C237-241Bk O, p 716-747XXX
RobertsonJohn S. M. A108-109 X  
RobisonWilliam A28    
RowanAbraham D140-142Bk W, p 265-277XXX
RoystonRobert A66Bk B, p 295-313; also Robertus Royston, Bk B, p 342X  
RumneyBalitha E. D219-221    
RunnellsDudley A26Bk EFGHI, p 252-254X  
SansomJames T. D248-249Bk Z, p 343-348; oral willXX 
SansomThomas C187-190Bk M, p 406-525; Bk O, p 560-621; Bk R, p 459- 491XX 
SavageSusan B., Mrs. D250-253Bk Z, p 499-509XX 
SheatsNicholas B152Bk G, p 159-170, 364-370XXX
SibbaldJane B132Bk G, p 16-19XX 
SikesZechariah D378-379 XX 
SimmonsJohn A64Bk B, 252-254X  
SimontonTheophilus A136-138Bk G, p 171-173XX 
SimsCharley B244Bk H, p 481-482;X  
SimsRobert B223Bk H, p 328-329XX 
SmithElizabeth Mariah D431-432Bk FF, p 67; Bk HH, p 463XXX
SmithJohn B194Bk H, p 46-53XX 
SmithLevin C177-181Bk L, p 130-131X  
SmithRobert M., Dr. D376-377 X  X
SmithSarah Evalina, Mrs. D449-450Bk FF, p 90, 107-108; Bk JJ, p 126-132XX 
SmithWilliam B155Bk G, p 467XXX
Smith, Sr.Joseph B213Bk H, p 249-253; of Walton Co., GAXXX
SparksThomas H. D198-205Bk FF, p 361XX 
SpeerJohn A31Bk EFGHI, p 437-439; of Edgecombe Co, NC or SpearX  
SpurlockOwin/Owen B16Bk D, p 271-273XXX
StephensDavid B172Bk G, p 357-362X X
StephensonThomas W. D227-228Bk Y, p 26-28, 428-435X X
StewartCharles A34Bk EFGHI, p 253-264; Bk B, p 283X  
StewartSusannah B58    
StokesGeorge A16    
StoneUriah A100-101 X  
StovallGeorge C235-236    
StovallPleasant D153-157Bk P, p 108-119, 226-227X  
StreckfussJohn F. D359-361Bk DD, p 292-295, 308, 316, 390-405; of CharlestonXX 
StrongFrances B68    
StrongMunford B59or Montford X 
StrongWilliam J. B75Bk E, p 434X X
StrongJohn A57Bk ABCD, p 326-332; Bk B, p 109XX 
Strong, Jr.William A37-38Bk EFGHI, p 362-376, 453-474;
See Orphans of, Bk B, p 234-250, 497-504
Strong, Sr.William A65 XX 
StroudJohn A15 X  
StroudMark D263Bk Z, p 600 X 
StroudMartha C57-58Bk J, p 458-461X  
StroudWilliam D260-262Bk Z, p 574-601, 608 XX
TaylorJames J. C209-212 X X
TaylorJoseph B227    
TaylorRichard D. B. D162-164Bk P, p 603; Bk U, p 511; Bk X, p 511-559XXX
TaylorRobert D50-72Bk Q, 514-518; Bk S, p 569-577 formerly of SavannahXXX
ThomasRobert D435-436Bk FF, p 72-73; Bk GG, p 50-51;
Bk HH, p 428-441, 547-551; Bk JJ, p 58, 517, 670-672
ThomasStephens B185Bk H, p 14-44, 65-79, 349-356; Bk K, p 434-445;
Bk M p 1-14
ThomasWilliam C133-134Bk K, p 353-368, 506XXX
ThomasWilliam D73-74Bk K, p 353-368, 506XXX
ThompsonJohn A35Bk EFGHI, p 70-80; See Orphans of, Bk P, p 66-68 X 
ThompsonMiddleton D323-324Bk FF, p 359; Bk GG, p 181 XX
ThrasherBarton D222-224 X X
ThurmanJohn F. D119-120Bk V, p 410-431, see Bk K, p 470-477;
Bk N, p 456-459 as orphan
ThurmanEveline S. C221-223Bk N, p 630-748; Bk O, p 484-499; Bk R, p 759;
nee Eveline Stewart, then Tarpley
ThurmandHarris C115-118Bk K, p 242-262XXX
TindallWilliam B157Bk G, p 269-270XXX
TraylorFrancis B51Bk D, p 442-447; of Stewart Co., GAXX 
TreadwellIsaac B221Bk H, p 347-348XX 
TurnerElizabeth C61-64Bk O, p 418-429; Bk R, p 430-439;
nee Elizabeth Fambrough
TurnerJames B70Bk E, p 304-314 XX
VeitchMary D353-354Bk DD, p 270; Bk JJ, p 182-187   
VickersJoshua F. D166-167Bk M, 342-347 X 
VincentIsaac Smith D84-85Bk U, p 506-509; 638-639; Bk FF, p 403-404;
Bk GG, p 191
WadeThomas B. D188-191Bk Y, p 224-228, 532-540X  
WaggonmanSusannah A8Bk ABCD, p 97-98;X  
WallaceOliver A5    
WardMalthus A. D137-139 X  
WareEdward R. D299-302Bk CC, p 130-158XX 
WareSally/SalliecolD325Bk Z, p 97X  
WelchNarcissa L. D439-440 X  
WellsEdward A145    
WellsMary D373Bk EE, p 40-45, 75-78X  
WellsSarah C59-60    
WheelusWilliam Augustus D455-456Bk HH, p 376-380XX 
WhiteJohn D326-327Bk CC, p 224; Bk FF, p 12-13XXX
WhiteJohn D404-407Bk CC, p 224; Bk FF, p 12-13XXX
WhiteWilliam N. D215-216Bk Y, p 346-364X X
WhiteheadWilliam S. D125Bk V, p 386X X
Wier/WierSamuel C138-145Bk K, p 414-434, 525-534; Bk R, p 532;
Bk T, p 670-690, 707-708
WillamsonAnn E. B124Bk F, p 360-361X  
WilliamsJohn C287-294 X X
WilliamsJohn, Sr. C294-297 X X
WilliamsMary D289-290Bk BB, p 180X X
WilliamsWilliam C7-11Bk J, p 180-203, 656-675, 681, 704-710XXX
WilliamsonSarah E. C38-39    
WillibyWilliam B85Bk E, p 495-500; Bk G, p 194; Check William B.,
Bk E, p 231-237, 318-320; or Willoughby
WillicoxenSamuel J. D115-116Bk V, p 3289-290; see WillcoxenX  
WilsonRichard C282-284Bk Q, p 274X X
WisePatterson B120Bk F, p 348-350;XX 
WitherspoonElizabeth D349-351    
WoodsonAlexander D208-210Bk Y, p 16-17, p 33-52X X
WozencraftThomas C185-186Bk M, p 368-405, 670-672XXX
WrayTheodosia W. D177-178Bk X, p 391;   
WrayThomas D76-77Bk T, p 315-328XXX
WrightJohn B111Bk F, p 332;X X
WrightMary B103 X  
WrightWilliam A121-122DoctorXXX
WrightWilliam A132-135PreacherXXX
YerbyBurwell D100-104Bk V, p 230-241; 243-245X  
YoungThomas C275-277Bk R, p 239-254, 297-309, 407, 611-613X  

Sources and further comments:

Wills in Books A & B have been abstracted and published in Abstracts of Georgia Wills, Volume 1 [of 2] by Jeannette Holland Austin.

The will books are in the probate judge’s vault at the courthouse in Athens, Georgia. The original wills are also there. This area is accessible during regular business hours. The microfilms [2 reels] of the will books are at the Athens Regional Library Heritage Room and the Georgia State Archives; images are available online at Use the index above to help you find the image you need or use the FamilySearch Georgia Probate Records search page (a link to browse the images is located at the bottom of the search page).

Both the books of returns & mixed records and the loose papers are in the records vault at the courthouse in Athens. This room is not open on a reliable schedule. Both the books and the loose papers in column 1 have been microfilmed and the microfilm is available at the Athens Regional Library Heritage Room and the Georgia State Archives; images are available online at

An index to the books of returns & mixed records is available on this website. These books of annual returns and mixed records 1799-1956 are on 27 reels; images are available online at

The entries (not the documents) in column 1 can be found in the book Records of Clarke County, Georgia, 1801-1892 by Robert Scot Davis.

The loose papers in column 2 were organized by volunteers in 2000, but they have not been microfilmed and are inconvenient to see in the records vault at the Clarke County Courthouse. The microfilm status of Clarke County Probate Records is available online as part of the Clarke County Probate Court Records Finding Aid.

The marriages indicated in column 3 were taken from the book Clarke County, Georgia, Marriage Records, 1803-1909 by Faye Stone Poss and Ted O. Brooke, 2001.

©2002 Mary Hoit Abbe

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