Index of Clarke County Returns and Mixed Records N – Q

abstracted by Mary Hoit Abbe

Index of Clarke County Returns and Mixed Records Books ABCD – JJ

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Court Records | Returns and Mixed Records

Surnames Beginning N – Q
NabersWilliam decd FF144 
NabersWilliam decd GG106, 108-112, 128, 132, 153 
NabersWilliam decd JJ560-567 
NailElisha C73-80A
NallRichard C36527 
NanceJohn decd V242 
NanceJohn decd V498-518 
NashAbner, minor orphan of William Nash D182-184 
NealW. N. decd FF508-509 
NeislerHugh, Dr. decd V174-175 
NesbitHarriett C., orphan of John Nesbit J146 
NesbitJames F170-179, 376-379B
NesbitJohn H547-562 
NesbitJohn J130-136 
NesbitMargaret I., orphan of John Nesbit J140-154 
NesbitMartha D. J432 
NesbitPenelope, Mrs. G23-24 
NevittHenry M. decd FF158 
NevittHenry M. decd GG133 
NevittHenry M. decd JJ364-365 
NevittMary E., Mrs. decd FF533-534 
NevittMary E., Mrs. decd GG213-215, 218-219 
NewtonCatherine J552-556C
NewtonCharlotte, Mrs. decd FF80 
NewtonElizur L. decd GG32 
NewtonElizur L. decd HH94-102, 278-290, 365-375,
510-513, 552-559
NewtonElizur L. decd JJ79-84, 297-302, 462-467, 595-596D
NewtonJames decdcolFF205 
NewtonJohn H. decd [several counties–wild lands] FF265-280 
NicholsEmma, Mrs. decd DD576-577 
NicholsHenry M. decd GG8-9 
NicholsJohn R. GG198-202 
NicholsRansom (fr Bk R, p. 383) Q730-745 
NicholsRansom decd (fr Bk Q, p. 730) R370-383 
NicholsJohn R. decd FF352-354 
NicholsonJames M. decd FF398 
NicholsonJohn W. decd FF122-137 
NicholsonMartha M., Mrs. FF319 
NickersonReuben decd FF513-515 
NikcholsonH. B. decd FF157 
NisbetJohn decd (fr Bk J, p. 136) O320-325 
NisbetMargaret I., orphan of John Nesbit (fr Bk J, p. 140) K225-227 
NixonJohn C313 
NoellC. decd GG195 
NoellJennie, Mrs. decd FF575 
NoellThomas H80-83, 312-315 
NoellUpson C. decd FF384 
NorrisJohn Q. A., decd Z175-180 
NorrisWilliam J. decd property allowance for his wife Susan P745-747 
NorthJohn R., orphan of Marcus D. North [UGA student] Q78-96 
NortonWilliam E189-197 
NowellThomas H80-83, 312-315 
NunnallyJohn E32-45B
NunnallyJohn (fr Bk E, p. 45) F342-345B
NunnallyJohn C. decd FF382 
NuttWilliam C366-387?A
OatesJames E293-302 
OatsJames, orphans of G477-478 
OatsJames, orphans of (fr Bk G, p. 478) J12-15 
O’FarrellA. H. decd FF551-553 
OgdenJoseph D391-394 
OliverAmelia G., minor H305-306 
OliverLucinda H243-244 
OsbornAnn, now Callahan BB368-379 
OsbornEliza Ophelia, orphan of Francis Osborn O515-516 
OsbornEliza, orphan of Francis Osborn (fr Bk O, p. 515) Q331 
OsbornEliza, orphan of John Osborn G291 
OsbornEmma E. now Marshall BB208-215, 218, 234, 264-265 
OsbornFrancis W. decd N520-535 
OsbornFrancis W. decd (fr Bk N, p. 535) O500-514 
OsbornFrancis, orphan G294-295 
OsbornHattie, orphan of John Osborn, Trust BB196-207, 218-219 
OsbornJohn G89-94B
OsbornJohn decd BB264 
OsbornJohn decd, (plats 557-5562) U518-570B
OsbornJohn F., orphan of Francis Osborn O515-516 
OsbornJohn F., orphan of Francis Osborn (fr Bk 0, p. 515) Q331 
OsbornJohn F., orphan of John Osborn V324-331 
OsbornJohn, orphan of John Osborn G291 
OsbornMary M., orphan of John Osborn V324-331 
OsbornMaynon, orphan of Francis Osborn O515-516 
OsbornMaynon, orphan of Francis Osborn (fr Bk O, p. 515) Q331 
OsbornNancy K404-408, 602, 610-615 
OsbornNancy, Idiot G463-466, 468-469 
OsbornNancy, Idiot K478-485 
OsbornNancy, Idoit decd O256-261-358-359 
OsbornNicholas K584-601 
OsbornNicholas decd (fr Bk K, p. 601) N250-270 
OsbornOphelia, orphan of Francis Osborn (fr Bk O, p. 515) Q331 
OsbornUdora, orphan of Francis Osborn O515-516 
OsbornWilliam F., orphan of John Osborn V324-331 
OsborneJ. N. decd FF309 
OsborneJ. N. decd GG180 
OsborneSallie, Miss decd FF473 
OsburnFrancis, orphan of John Osburn H591-593 
OsburnNicholas H463-469, 483-484 
OverbyBarten H. & other children of Basil H. Overby decd Z411-417 
OverbyJames L. (late of Virginia) H304 
OverbyMatilda E., orphan of Thomas Overby O250-251 
OverbySarah A., orphan of Thomas Overby O250-251 
OverbyThomas, Esqr G435-436, 526-533 
PaineEdward J73-78, 169-178, 282-287C
PaineEdward, C. decd P520-549, 636-654C
PaineEmily E., orphan of Edward Paine J220-223 
PaineMargarett H., PROPERTY EXEMPTIONcolAA341 
PaineMilton Boyd, orphan of Edward Paine J210-215, 230, 676-679 
PaineSeaborn decdcolDD50-55 
Paine/PayneFloyd decdcolY200-209,313-314 
PalmerEdmund decd X225-229 
PaniouWilliam, PROPERTY EXEMPTIONcolAA168 
ParishCharles G483-486 
ParkerSheffield H., orphan of William H. Parker Q273-276 
ParkerWilliam H. (fr Bk J, p. 457) K234-241 
ParkerWilliam H. (fr Bk N, p. 83) O410-415 
ParkerWilliam H. decd (fr Bk K, p. 241) N76-83 
ParkerWilliam O., orphan of James Jennings J446-457 
ParksWillis decdcolFF105 
ParksWillis decd JJ362 
ParksWillis decdcolHH693 
ParrB. J. decd FF223 
PassMatthew J. decd W235-256 
PatatFrancis decd FF340 
PatmanThomas H. decd Z255-259, 261-264 
PatmanWilliam A. decd (fr Bk T, p. 448) U466-505 
PatmanWilliam decd FF82 
PatmanWilliam decd GG33-34 
PatmanWilliama A. decd T389-448 
PatrickClinton decd GG316-317 
PatrickNellie decd GG311-312 
PattenMary decd GG187 
PattenMary, Mrs. decd FF381 
PayneFloyd decdcolY200-209,313-314 
PayneHenry M. decdcolFF564-565 
PayneMilton B. (fr Bk J, p. 219) K462-464 
PerkinsRobert E211-219A
PerkinsSally [Sarah B.] E147-149 
PerryAlonzo, orphan of William Perry EE104-107 
PettifordLewis A. decd ( free person of color) owned 2 NegroescolW413-414 
PettifordLewis A., free person of color, Isaac Thrasher, gdncolV49 
PettisAlfred decdcolFF313 
PhillipsJohn R., Lunatic L156-179, 230-245 
PhinizyFerdinand B. decd HH29-33, 149-153, 395, 406-410 
PhinizyFerdinand Bowdre decd DD438-461, 508-509 
PhinizyFerdinand decd FF224-229, 233-234 
PhinizyFerdinand decd GG240-241 
PhinizyH. H. decd GG168 
PhinizyHarry H. decd FF241, 243 
PhinizyHarry H. decd JJ680-687E
PhinizyJacob decd O120-132 
PhinizyJacob decd (see Bk O, p. 120) N536-549 
PhinizyMarco B314-328 
PhinizyMarco, orphans of E203-210 
PhinizyMarco, orphans of F149-157 
PhinizyMarco, orphans of G63-67 
PinsonJane, orphan of Thomas Pinson E392-394 
PinsonJoseph, orphan of Thomas Pinson E383-385 
PinsonRobert G., orphan of Thomas Pinson E389-390 
PinsonThomas D309-318 
PinsonThomas, orphan of Thomas Pinson E386-388 
PinsonThomas, orphans of G199-201 
PinsonWilliam, orphan of Thomas Pinson E380-381 
PinsonRobert E211-219 
PitnerJames A., ward of his father John C. Pitner,
money from Samuel Weir decd
PitnerJohn C. decd GG147-148 
PitnerJohn C. decd FF210-219 
PittardHumphrey (see Bk X, p. 610) K60-62C
PittardHumphrey decd (see Bk R, p. 60) X610-628C
PittardI. H. decd FF581-583, 589 
PittardJames D. decd JJ179 
PittardJeremiah F448 
PittardSusan R., orphan of Dennis Pittard Q207-212 
PittardW. G decd FF467 
PittardWilliam decd FF88-89 
PittmanMaggie, Mrs. GG268 
PittmanR. L. decd FF509-511 
PonderJohn ABCD308-317 
PonderThomas E455-456 
PoolJackson decdcolFF79 
PopeBurwell H392-403B
PopeBurwell J94-99B
PopeBurwell (fr Bk K, p. 22) L210-213B
PopeBurwell, General (fr Bk J, p. 99) K10-22B
PopeEliza S. decd X135-150 
PopeEliza S., Mrs. decd (fr Bk K, p. 150) U596-604 
PopeMattie A., ward (minor) wife of John E. Pope Y336-337 
PopeWilliam E., minor (fr BK N, p. 399) P324-339 
PopeWilliam E., orphan of Burwell Pope N380-399 
PorterMary Estelle, Miss decd FF548 
PossWilliams J., minor HH356, 521 
PoundsBetty decdcolFF286 
PoundsRichard EFGHI57-63, 442-450 
PoundsWilliam EFGHI351-352 
PowellVirginia H., PROPERTY EXEMPTION AA342 
PowellWyatt, et al GG223 
PowersT. J., Trust under will of James Williams Y125-126 
PresleyCorinna M., orphan of Samuel Presley H265-270 
PresleyElizabeth A., orphan of Samuel Presley H265-270 
PresleyJane Mariah, orphan of Samuel Presley H265-270 
PresleySamuel P., Rev. G337-352 
PrestonJoseph C., minor of Thoms Preston H571-574 
PrestonThomas G276-284 
PrestonWilliam B., minor of Thomas Preston H567-570 
PriceElizabeth J592-593C
PriceJames H180-181B
PricePinkie decdcolFF544 
PriceWilliam F382-390 
PriceWilliam, orphans of F391-392, 429-431 
PrinceOliver C. G508-525 
PringleGeorge K564-573 
PringleGeorge decd (fr Bk K, p. 573) P512-517 
PruittElizabeth M., PROPERTY EXEMPTION AA289 
PuryearHattie I., orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearHattie, minor JJ544 
PuryearIda J., orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearIda, minor JJ544 
PuryearJames, orphan of Peter Puryear F250-255 
PuryearJohn G217-226 
PuryearJohn, orphans of G502-505 
PuryearJudith M., orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearMary Ann, orphan of Peter Puryear F250-255 
PuryearNancy Ann, orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearPeter E131-142, 365-372, 459-461 
PuryearPeter, minor J289-292 
PuryearPeter, orphan F470-471 
PuryearPeter, orphan (fr Bk F, p. 471) G298-302 
PuryearSarah F., orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearSarah, minor JJ544 
PuryearThomas C., orphan of William H. Puryear, Jr. BB392-395 
PuryearThomas, minor JJ544 
PuryearWilliam H. decd AA175-199C
PuryearWilliam H. Sr. decd S99-144, 289-297C
PuryearWilliam, orphan of Peter Puryear F250-255 
QuillianA. C. decd GG236 

©2002 Mary Hoit Abbe

Court Records | Returns and Mixed Records

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