1850 Slave Owners Georgia Factory District

Districts for Clarke County in 1850
AthensBuck BranchBuncombeDupree’sFarmingtonGeorgia FactoryHigh ShoalsPuryear’sSalemSandy CreekScull ShoalsVinson’sWatkinsvilleWild Cat

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1850 Clarke County, Georgia Slave Owners
BiggersMrs.734Georgia Factory
CenterWilliam132Georgia Factory
CoxElizabeth2234Georgia Factory
CrawfordLevi M.1333Georgia Factory
CunninghamThos331Georgia Factory
DeanJohn3931Georgia Factory
DotteryJames132Georgia Factory
DunawayIsacc132Georgia Factory
GrahamAbner1634Georgia Factory
GreerJohn C.4333Georgia Factory
HaysPeter W.633Georgia Factory
MasonWilliam132Georgia Factory
MayneJohn W.3634Georgia Factory
MooreThomas2132Georgia Factory
MortonJoseph4632Georgia Factory
MoselyThos J.231Georgia Factory
RichardsonJane G.632Georgia Factory
WhiteJohn2631Georgia Factory
WigginsEli132Georgia Factory
WilsonJames C.131Georgia Factory
Abstracted from Schedule 2 of the 1850 Clarke County, Georgia Federal Census

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