1850 Slave Owners Sandy Creek District

Districts for Clarke County in 1850
AthensBuck BranchBuncombeDupree’sFarmingtonGeorgia FactoryHigh ShoalsPuryear’sSalemSandy CreekScull ShoalsVinson’sWatkinsvilleWild Cat

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1850 Clarke County, Georgia Slave Owners
BoggsA.1135Sandy Creek
CingerD.135Sandy Creek
ClaytonW. W.4836Sandy Creek
GrayJ. G.436Sandy Creek
GrayRachel135Sandy Creek
JonesHenry235Sandy Creek
MaddoxJame436Sandy Creek
NanceJohn2236Sandy Creek
WhiteJohn535Sandy Creek
WilliamsJames136Sandy Creek
WilsonRichd235Sandy Creek
YerbyBurwell3035Sandy Creek
YerbyEverett735Sandy Creek
YerbySarah H.1435Sandy Creek
Abstracted from Schedule 2 of the 1850 Clarke County, Georgia Federal Census

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