1850 Slave Owners High Shoals District

Districts for Clarke County in 1850
AthensBuck BranchBuncombeDupree’sFarmingtonGeorgia FactoryHigh ShoalsPuryear’sSalemSandy CreekScull ShoalsVinson’sWatkinsvilleWild Cat

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1850 Clarke County, Georgia Slave Owners
BeasleyHiram450High Shoal
DaniellWilliam B.650High Shoal
DavenportM. N450High Shoal
FulliloveB. P.151High Shoal
FulliloveHenry551High Shoal
GriffithA. D. E.950High Shoal
HarperA. L.450High Shoal
HillNancy949High Shoal
HouseNancy W.850High Shoal
JacksonAndrew B.1351High Shoal
JacksonHartwell1549, 50High Shoal
JacksonHillman550High Shoal
JacksonJohn B.251High Shoal
JacksonObediah351High Shoal
JohnsonSanford949High Shoal
LesterJosiah549High Shoal
LoweJohn H.1349High Shoal
MortonJoel J.1150High Shoal
RichardsonRobt W.151High Shoal
SheatsBenajah S.1251High Shoal
SmithAnthony S.550High Shoal
StinchcombWilliam A. C.150High Shoal
ThomasMerrill651High Shoal
ThomasNancy349High Shoal
ThomasWashington151High Shoal
ThomasWilliam749High Shoal
ThompsonMiddleton1349High Shoal
ThompsonRobert1149High Shoal
ThorntonWiley A.450High Shoal
ThrasherBarten C.1251High Shoal
ThrasherWm H.351High Shoal
WhiteGabriel349High Shoal
WhiteheadSanford950High Shoal
WhiteheadW. R.549High Shoal
WinnCharles J.250High Shoal
WiseSherwood150High Shoal
Abstracted from Schedule 2 of the 1850 Clarke County, Georgia Federal Census

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