1850 Slave Owners Wild Cat District

Districts for Clarke County in 1850
AthensBuck BranchBuncombeDupree’sFarmingtonGeorgia FactoryHigh ShoalsPuryear’sSalemSandy CreekScull ShoalsVinson’sWatkinsvilleWild Cat

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1850 Clarke County, Georgia Slave Owners
BaileySamuel3361Wild Cat
BarrettJas W.960Wild Cat
BeardenMilton P. G.859Wild Cat
BeardenP. G.861Wild Cat
BiggsWillis J.660Wild Cat
ButlerJesse263Wild Cat
ChristopherLucy1163Wild Cat
ClancyN. J.760Wild Cat
ElderDavid R.962Wild Cat
ElderThos P.1262Wild Cat
GlennJ. N.2361Wild Cat
GlennJoshua N.1562Wild Cat
HaleSilas662Wild Cat
HamptonEliz259Wild Cat
HendonJas W.160Wild Cat
HerronJesse161Wild Cat
HuffGreen660Wild Cat
HuffLeroy162Wild Cat
JonesH. M.1159Wild Cat
JonesMacon H.1059Wild Cat
JonesWiley A.161Wild Cat
JonesWm H.959Wild Cat
LeguinnScott M.1164Wild Cat
MaconThos G.1059Wild Cat
MathewsJohn A.161Wild Cat
MaxeyBoaz161Wild Cat
MaxeyJosiah260Wild Cat
McReeBenj.2164Wild Cat
McReeJohn1364Wild Cat
McReeRebecca561Wild Cat
McReeRowan664Wild Cat
OsbornFrances364Wild Cat
OsbornJohn264Wild Cat
PaineGeorge M.2560Wild Cat
PaineMilton2662Wild Cat
RobertsonJohn J.2559Wild Cat
RowanAbram560Wild Cat
SheatsM. M.1260Wild Cat
SimmonsS. D.360Wild Cat
SimmsJames261Wild Cat
SimmsWm962Wild Cat
TindallElizabeth1464Wild Cat
TurnellGeorge161Wild Cat
WadeJohn164Wild Cat
WadeThomas764Wild Cat
WoodWm B.963Wild Cat
Abstracted from Schedule 2 of the 1850 Clarke County, Georgia Federal Census

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