1850 Slave Owners Scull Shoals District

Districts for Clarke County in 1850
AthensBuck BranchBuncombeDupree’sFarmingtonGeorgia FactoryHigh ShoalsPuryear’sSalemSandy CreekScull ShoalsVinson’sWatkinsvilleWild Cat

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1850 Clarke County, Georgia Slave Owners
BellJohn S.178Scull Shoal
BlakelyD. E.475Scull Shoal
BlakelySaml1478Scull Shoal
BrownElijah2780Scull Shoal
DurhamLindsey2475Scull Shoal
DurhamLyndsey278Scull Shoal
ElderDavid1376Scull Shoal
ElderDoctor W.1576Scull Shoal
ElderEd2778Scull Shoal
ElderJohn P.2080Scull Shoal
ElderJohn S.3277Scull Shoal
ElderJoseph1180Scull Shoal
ElderN. T.377Scull Shoal
ElderPhilip T.775Scull Shoal
ElderSarah276Scull Shoal
FambroughJohn1175Scull Shoal
FosterFletcher2477Scull Shoal
FreemanSusan376Scull Shoal
GregoryG.178Scull Shoal
HardigreeH. G.278Scull Shoal
HesterStephen C.1378Scull Shoal
HillMoab1376Scull Shoal
HugheyJoseph1677Scull Shoal
JacksIsaac1778Scull Shoal
JacksLindsey277Scull Shoal
Lowe SrJohn H.4775, 76Scull Shoal
MarableRobt1379Scull Shoal
MarableWm1879Scull Shoal
MarshallFrancis S.876Scull Shoal
McNaughtonWm177Scull Shoal
MeriwetherC. S.1080Scull Shoal
ReynoldsMartin175Scull Shoal
TarpleyAug. A.175Scull Shoal
WillobyJ. M.979Scull Shoal
WillobyJames1280Scull Shoal
Abstracted from Schedule 2 of the 1850 Clarke County, Georgia Federal Census

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